My Appreciation

This letter is to show my appreciation to some to of the people who were so kind to me and who helped my stay here at Signature HealthCARE at Tower Road a wonderful experience. Below is the resident sharing here experience in her own words.
• Annie Owens: always checking on me to make sure I have water, she helped me get in and out of my clothes and giving me a wonderful shower.
• Elizabeth Darko: when I was in pain always there to help with the medication I needed. She actually gave me a rub down at night which helped me sleep like a baby. Smiley face!
• The Chaplain who was very busy who took time out to sit and talk to me.
• The Therapy Team: Brandon, Rose, Dorette who helped with my balance and how to be self-sufficient when I go home, for this I am so grateful.
There are so many others who were a blessing to me during my stay here such as the nurses and others who were here for me. I will miss you all so very much. Therefore, I just wanted to voice my appreciation to everyone who were such a blessing to me during my stay here at Signature Healthcare at Tower Road Nursing home and Rehab.

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“I would without reservation, recommend SHC as a top-notch rehabilitation facility!”

I recently completed twenty days of rehabilitation at SHC’s (Signature HealthCare’s) Tower Road facility. My overall experience was extremely positive!

Upon my arrival, however, I was not pleased or impressed with the material condition of the room that was reserved for me. From my perspective it did not appear that preparations were made for me prior to my arrival. I decided that I would not remain at the facility but instead go home to have in-home care provide the PT and OT that I required.

I expressed my concerns to the SHC management team who (to a person) focused on providing a professional environment, ensuring my healthcare and recovery.

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