Signature of Tower Road Celebrates National Day of Prayer

The 65th Anniversary of the National Day of Prayer was observed at 10 AM in the Rose Garden at Signature HealthCARE of Tower Road on May 5th, 2016. The spirituality department hosted a multi-cultural ceremony in honor of the special day, which was first observed in 1983. It was first organized by the National Prayer Committee (the NPC), and took place at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. with featured speaker Vice President George Bush.

This year’s outdoor ceremony at Tower Road kicked off with a brief history by the activities department, followed by featured guest speakers: Pastor Dennis Jackson, Deacon Bruce Reed, and our very own employee Hakim Ogunkunle. Closing prayer was delivered by our in-house chaplain Darren Tucker. Afterward, staff and residents enjoyed refreshments catered by our dietary staff.

Signature Healthcare at Tower Road would like to personally thank all who participated and joined in this special day of prayer.