Summer Road Trip to the Wild West – Dry Gulch Paradise Saloon!

Our Summer road trip made a pit stop leaving Yellowstone park this week. On our way to Pictured Rock, we stopped in at the Paradise Saloon in Dry Gulch. The Wild West town will never be the same after our Mystery Play! The residents had a rootin’-tootin” time at the home of this month’s mystery play, the Paradise Saloon.

Can YOU guess who shot the Sheriff? Was it Sally, the school marm, who was previously engaged to him. (They say nothing is more dangerous than a woman scorned!) Or the mail order bride who found out her hubby wasn’t rich like he told her…(maybe she was just a gold digger in disguise), or perhaps it was the Paradise Saloon owner herself – (they say red heads have a real temper!). Could it be the Doc, who was rumored to be replaced very soon in town? The local gambler and womanizer was looking pretty shady. (has his cheating ways finally caught up to him?!)

If you would like to mosey on over to Tower Road… come visit us for our monthly mystery plays complete with food by our Cooking Club, enjoy the decorations and scenery courtesy of our decorating committee and make sure not to miss our All Star resident cast. The Wild West just got a lot Wilder, thanks to our Fun Cast!