Fancy Hats, Pearls & High Tea Party

Activities hosted a High Tea event for our Ladies Club. Our theme was Fancy Hats, Pearls & Tea. Our ladies got very creative with their hats! We had a very Fun, Festive & Fancy party for all who attended.

They enjoyed a variety of: salads, deviled eggs, chicken meatballs, veggie quiché, spinach cheese ravioli, candies, coffeecake rings, chocolate cake, streusel, pastries and of course over a dozen varieties of flavorful gourmet teas!

Our residents received a Mary Kaye Gift bag full of things to pamper them after the event!

It was a wonderful way for our Ladies to have a high-quality, fun & festive event. We are honored to have the privilege to serve them and help make their “Home away from home” stay a little more memorable.