Spirituality Pillar at Signature HealthCARE of Tower Road

Our Stakeholders and residents are enjoying Signatures HealthCare’s approach to resident and staff growth. Signature has three pillars that the company uses to guide its work. One Pillar is Spirituality, and the team at Tower Road could not be more excited about it.

The Stakeholders and residents have already owned this pillar in many ways. One is through spiritual and thoughtful encouragement every day among our employees in the facility. We are posting verses/poems/quotes of encouragement and challenge in the facility. Our employees are writing some of these, others come from the morning plunge that is sent out by our incredibly supportive Spirituality Team at corporate. One Stakeholder said “that the day goes by much better when she reads a verse that challenges her to make today count.”

Our residents and patients have gotten into the Spirituality pillar as well. We have a team of residents who read a verse, quote or thought over the intercom. Staff and residents will pause for 30 seconds and listen to the powerful reminders. One resident told me she is hopeful about the future when she hears the morning encouragement.

We are a new Signature facility and are grateful for the support from the Signature Corporate team to express ourselves and our diversity. We thank God for the encouraging words each day that are shared through his people and for the Spirituality Pillar in our company.